Beauty Inside and Out – Why Beauty Matters

As beauty professionals we are often given the task of creating a new hairstyle, a new look, fixing the appearance of skincare or dazzling up fingers and toes. We know beauty is not only on the outside. Beauty starts from the inside. We know our job is to bring the inner beauty of an individual to the forefront with our talents. There have been countless stories of makeovers that have changed people’s lives.

Makeovers For Career Advancement

Let’s face it, appearance matters in a job interview. A makeover for someone changing careers and going on interviews can go a long way to making a great first impression. Even mid-career professionals, or someone looking to advance with a promotion, can use a little “freshening” up at times.

In A Rut And Wanting A Change

Sometimes the person that sits in our chair is in the mists of a long phase in their life where they have had to take care of everyone else and didn’t have time for themselves. Think moms, demanding careers and caring for elderly parents. A makeover can be just the thing to put a sparkle back into their eyes.

The “I See Myself Do You”?

There are people who have dreamed about showing themselves to the world as they see their inner selves. These people have an inner beauty, an inner personality, that doesn’t quite come across with their current look. They are looking to burst out and requesting our professional consultation on the look that will work for them.

Beauty Matters

What is comes down to is that beauty matters, and being a beauty professional is an important job. There is nothing better to finishing the completed look and seeing the big smile on the client’s face. There is noting better than being a part of their success. Beauty matters.

Powerful Hair Makeovers That Transform People’s Lives

By Buzzfeed

“There is a story behind every hair cut.” This video of Celebrity Hairstylist and Trichologist David Dang hits home the importance of what a simple hair stylist change can do for a person.