Now That You Are A High School Graduate – What Are Your Plans?

If your high school graduation is quickly approaching, you may understandably be feeling a combination of excitement and anxiety. After all, while finishing high school is an incredible accomplishment, it also signifies your entrance to adulthood. And if you haven’t yet decided on a career or continued education path, you may be feeling a little unsure on your next steps.

Do you feel like the “traditional” path of attending a four-year university may not be best-suited for you? If so, then it may be worth exploring other options. After all, there are plenty of respectable careers you can get into without the need for a Bachelor’s degree or higher.

What About a Career in Beauty and Barbering?

For those who enjoy staying on top of beauty and hair-styling trends, and for those who would enjoy helping others look and feel like the best versions of themselves on a daily basis, a career in beauty and/or barbering may be a great option! Not only can this be an extremely rewarding career, but it is also one of the many career paths that do not require a four-year degree. In just a couple of years (or less, depending on your program), you could complete your formal education/training and be on your way to obtaining your license to practice in your state!

Another great thing about working as a barber, or in a similar position, is that you have the freedom to forge your own path based on your interests and goals. For instance, some choose to work full- or part-time for a local salon, whereas others may eventually start their own barber shop or beauty salon. Many also enjoy the flexible scheduling that comes with working in a salon, as shifts tend to be available most hours of the day, as well as weekends. And if there’s a certain interest you have (whether it be cosmetology, cutting-edge hair design, or anything in between), you can find a position where you’re able to focus your creativity in those aspects.

How to Get Started

While states have different requirements for becoming a licensed cosmetologist or barber, most will require a certain number of hours in an institution of higher education. Most states will also require that you take, and pass, a licensure exam before you can begin legally practicing in your state.

If you’re serious about jump-starting your career after graduating high school—and if a career in beauty or barbering interests you—now is a great time to begin exploring education programs in your area. The sooner you enroll, the sooner you can be practicing in your field!