Making a Mid-Career Change: From Behind the Desk to Beauty

If you work a “typical” nine-to-five desk job, and aren’t feeling fulfilled or motivated by your work, then it may be time to consider a career change. No matter how far along you may be in your career, the fact remains that it’s never too late to begin doing something that makes you truly happy. If you’re the type of person who would enjoy working with others and helping clients look and feel like the best versions of themselves, then you may want to consider a career in beauty. Specifically, you could transition to working as a cosmetologist, barber, skin care specialist, or nail technician!

Reasons to Consider a Mid-Career Change to Beauty

When you work a desk job, your face-to-face interaction with humans tends to be quite low. You may spend the majority of your day answering e-mails or having very little contact with others. You may clock out of your job at the end of the day feeling as though your work hasn’t made much of a difference. If these things are important to you when it comes to your job satisfaction, then a switch to a career in beauty can be a great option. Not only does working in beauty allow you to work face-to-face with different clients every day, but you get to see first-hand what a difference your work can make in a person’s life. You’ll get to enjoy the pride and happiness that comes along with helping a client feel more confident in themselves, and there’s no feeling quite like it in the world!

Another common reason people make the switch from a desk job to a career in beauty is that they feel a need to be able to express their creativity through their work—an attribute that very few desk jobs have. When you begin working as a makeup artist, barber, nail technician, or similar position, you get to express your creativity in the work you do every day. Whether this means transforming a client’s appearance with a new hair style, giving them confidence with professional makeup, or helping them achieve more beautiful and radiant skin with a skin care regimen, you get to put your experience and creativity to work in every client interaction.

If these reasons to make a career change are resonating with you, now is a great time to begin exploring your options. Find the American Institute of Beauty program that’s right for you today and take the first step to a fun and rewarding new career! Call the admissions department – Largo Campus at 727-532-2125 or the Saint Petersburg Campus at 727-826-0969.