The Viability of a Makeup Career

The key to succeeding in the makeup industry and becoming a Makeup Artist, is building a rock-solid foundation. If you skimp on training and certification, your future is uncertain at best. Instead, choose beauty schools that offer extensive training opportunities with room for advancement. Although your Aunt Debbie raves about your skills with makeup, you need the certification to back up your talent.

Commit Yourself To A Makeup Career

How do men and women succeed in makeup careers? They start by making a commitment to complete a Cosmetology, Esthetics, or Full-specialist program. Watching a few YouTube makeup tutorials is not enough to call yourself a makeup artist. In fact, the state of Florida requires licensure before you can work in the industry. Makeup artists must obtain a Cosmetology, Esthetics, or Full-Specialist license or certifications before working professionally. Beauty schools, like the American Institute of Beauty, have all of these required licensure programs and more. Many beauty school students pursue a makeup artistry certification in addition to these licenses. Being certified or licensed in more than one area is bound to benefit your career. For instance, you could offer services such as waxing, facials and eye lash extensions in addition to makeup applications.

Be Involved

During your schooling, you’re doing so much more than just learning about makeup. You’re meeting contacts and expanding your network. Your instructors can provide practical advice on how to succeed once you have your certification completed. Ideally, find a mentor within the school to help guide you after graduation as you launch your professional career. Attend any and all networking events and guest lectures. Getting your name out there is important to later success. Volunteer often during your early days. Providing work free of charge is a tough pill to swallow at first, but once your phone starts ringing with job offers, you’ll be happy you donated some of your time. Working as an assistant in the makeup industry is another way to get your foot in the door. Grunt work may sound tedious, but if you’re working with a successful Makeup Artist, you’ll only continue your learning in a hands-on setting.

Publicize Your Business

Viability in the makeup industry is dependent on word of mouth advertising and the ever presence of social media.  Not many people are willing to put their blind trust into someone with no formal makeup education and training, often too many people are  just calling themselves Makeup Artists. A strong portfolio with professional shots of before and after makeovers is essential. SHOW OFF YOUR WORK ANS SKILLS! The portfolio should feature a variety of looks including natural, romantic, glam, etc. to showcase your versatility. Finding your niche can also be profitable. Publicity is the key to success. Besides printing out professional business cards, get social. Create business pages on all social media sites and post updates on your work frequently.

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