Women in Barbering

Female barbers are expected to do more than simply cut hair—they must cut through traditional stereotypes. Unfortunately, there is a long-standing assumption women can’t cut men’s hair properly because of their gender. The truth is women can find major success in the field and build a very large and faithful client base.

The Benefits of Being a Lady Barber

Most female barbers find that men are much more loyal than women when it comes to their haircuts. If they are pleased with your work, they’ll likely come to you exclusively for years to come. Also, men require more frequent trims than women. While women may visit a stylist only quarterly, men make the trek to the barbershop on a monthly basis.

Another benefit is that lady barbers find that the conversation is less intense with male clients. As a female barber, Ashley Overholt confessed, “It’s much more casual, like party banter instead of therapy talk. It never gets personal. And, for me, that’s a breath of fresh air.”

Female barbers tend to be detail-oriented and have a flair for creativity. These traits appeal to clients who are bored with their same old hairstyles. Many women who are barbers are increasing their clientele by sharing their Instagram-worthy cuts and shaves across social media. Barber competitions are also trending and can be a great way to get your name out there.

How to Prepare for a Career as a Female Barber

Getting a cosmetology license isn’t going to get you hired as a barber. Barbershops want to see that you have gone through the training to become a state licensed barber. Barber courses will help you master the following skills:

• Fades

• Men’s styles

• Clipper cuts

• Beard and mustache shaping

• Hair coloring

• Hair designing


Chemical services

The important thing is to get an education that prepares you to cut, style, and treat all hair types. Don’t be discouraged if you find clients don’t want you to cut them because you’re a woman. You’ll be surprised to find that there are many men out there who will request you because of your fabulous skills with a razor.

Enroll in a program that will help you become a master barber in no time at all. The American Institute of Beauty School has a highly respected barber training program at their St. Petersburg campus. Call 727-826-0969 now for more information.