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Fall Skin, Makeup and Nail Trends

Have you ever walked into a spa to receive your facial and get hit with a foul odor? Smell is a very strong sense and can even lead to mood changes. Scent can remind you of that home cooked apple pie or the relaxing ocean breeze. But having a bad odor in your spa can remind your client of a moldy garage or even rotten garbage. With as much work as you put into the physical appearance of your spa take the same amount of time to choose the right fragrance for your spa. Be sure to monitor how much fragrance you use as too much of a good thing can be bad. Check out some great tips here. 

Natural makeup is still trending but with a new twist; fall is taking the natural look and darkening the eyes and lips. Get ready to bring out your soft smokey eye pallete and your wine red lipsticks. Fashion runways are trying to bring back the bright solid eye shadows and have introduced hair and jewelry into bold makeup statements. Take a look at Vogue’s fall fashion week and see what you think of these bold new styles.

Tampa Bay Bucs Nail ArtFall also means the return of sports with football leading the way and hockey soon to follow. What better way to kick start the fall sports season than featuring sport themed nails. Be sure to stock up on your local teams colors, but make sure to have a variety for fans of all teams. And if you are still an amateur at detailed artwork try using a solid basecoat, adding team stickers, and sealing them in with a top coat.  You can even inlay these stickers in acrylic nails for an even longer lasting look. Now, it’s hard for me to believe, but not all women watch football, but they may still want to impress their boyfriends with the start of this epic fall season. So skip the team colors and go back to the basics with football themed nails like these.

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