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2017 Men’s Hair Trends

Are men simply destined for clipper hair cuts without any style? No way! Men’s styles, especially in 2017, are getting more and more creative, everywhere you look. The predominance of men’s fashion, more styling products geared just for men, and with hair being a status symbol all on its own, men are coming into their own hair trends with greater frequency. So far, in 2017, it’s pretty cool for men to care about their hair. You’ll notice some handsome looks in the men’s fashion spreads and on the red carpets, worn by various famous celebrities. Here are some men’s hair trends that we’re seeing lately, and will continue to be popular for the rest of 2017.

Trend To Try: Loose Pompadour

This is a style that requires a bit of attitude to carry off. A traditional pompadour is longer on the top, shorter at the sides, and usually styled with copious amounts of gel and hairspray to pull it off. Now the pompadour is more relaxed and loose. Think of how singer Harry Styles is wearing his hair now. Longer on top and loosely swept back. The sides are a little shorter on this one too, giving the entire look a casual vibe that looks spot on in a suit or with your more casual clothing.

Go Crazy With Spiky Texture

With medium to short hair, you can rock the spiky textured look. Plus, this is an easy style to achieve with a little hair putty or pomade for hold. Just rub a dime-sized dab through damp hair and allow it to air dry naturally. Jon Hamm does this look well with his hair, and this style also looks great with some facial hair. A few days of scruff looks perfect with this more precise hairstyle.

Strait Down The Middle For Your Part

Wondering where to part your hair? Straight down the middle. The middle part is a classic style that allows medium to longish hair to fall in waves around your face. Keanu Reeves famously parts his long dark hair straight down the middle. It probably helps that he has the ideal thick widow’s peak that looks just right with this classic style.

Going forward into the rest of 2017, it’s basically anything goes for hairstyles on men. Most of all, try to keep your hair in healthy condition and you can really work just about any style. Just do us a favor and chop off that man bun already. No one thinks that’s cool anymore!

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