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The Lashes Have It – Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are one of the hottest trends in the beauty industry right now. You no longer have to pile on layer after layer of mascara to achieve bold and noticeable lashes or deal with the eye irritation that comes with that. Not only will the lash extensions last a long time and look phenomenal, they dramatically cut down the time spent applying makeup each morning. Here are just a few reasons eyelash extensions are a highly requested cosmetic service.


Customizable Extensions

No two applications of eyelash extensions will be alike. The most important choice will involve the length of the eyelashes. In most cases, extension lengths range from 9 mm to 15 mm. Most clients prefer a happy medium around 12 mm. After the length, the curl of the extensions is the next way clients customize their looks. Curl types include: J, B, C, and D. The J curl is popular for those who want natural looking lashes. C and D will provide clients with a more dramatic lift. The thickness of the eyelash extensions are determined by the strength of the natural lashes. Since thicker lashes are heavier, they won’t work for clients with weak natural eyelashes.

Average Number of Lashes

Many technicians are finding an average of 70 to 100 lashes per eye are needed to create bold and mesmerizing looks. Each application can be changed dramatically depending on how the extensions are plotted out. For instance, if the client requests a cat-eye appearance, you’ll elongate the corners and place longer lashes there. Cat eye looks are popular in the U.S. while European spas report curvier and longer lashes are most often requested.

Au Naturel

A major trend to watch in regards to eyelash extensions is the material used during applications. Mink lashes are becoming popular because although they are more expensive, they are 100 percent natural fiber lashes. Additional choices include synthetic and silk lashes. Some technicians combine synthetic and silk lashes for the best of both worlds.

Quality of Lashes

If you are looking to become an eyelash extension technician, it’s important to research the certification courses available. Not every certification is created equally! Bella Lash offers their own certification which is taught at beauty schools, including here at American Institute of Beauty (AIB).

While many worldwide lash companies like Bella Lash are committed to using high-quality materials, not all lashes are created equally. As an eyelash extension technician, it’s important you are purchasing lashes from a reputable company. Some cheaper lashes might be made outside of the U.S. from questionable materials. It’s important to be very picky about anything going on our near the eye area, and cheap lashes just aren’t worth the risk.

Applying eyelash extensions isn’t something you can learn after watching a few YouTube videos. In the state of Florida, you must have a cosmetology, skin care, or full specialist license to offer the service. To learn more about our beauty school programs and how you can become licensed to apply eyelash extensions, get in touch with our admissions department – Largo Campus at 727-532-2125 or the St. Petersburg Campus at 727-826-0969.

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