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Halloween Makeup Trends 2016

Halloween is almost here! With that comes an opportunity to do some pretty exciting makeup. So whether you love special effects makeup to turn you into a movie monster, or the latest trends that allow you to turn pop culture fodder into your costume, it’s going to be a night to remember if you give yourself over to the fun. Here are some of the Halloween makeup trends for 2016 that you can use to turn yourself into something fantastical.

Go Political

With the presidential election less than two months away, you can do some interesting makeup work to look like either of the two candidates. For a truly terrifying costume try being Donald Trump. All you need is some heavy bronze matte makeup with an orange tint to it. If it’s not orange enough, tint it yourself with some peach based loose eyeshadow. Hilary’s makeup is a little more classic, but you do need a great blonde “mom wig” to go along with your look.

Zombies Are Still In

This is a great costume especially if you can talk a bunch of your friends into doing the same. A crowd of zombies is always better than one. Zombie makeup is a blast to do. It’s also easy to achieve with just a few products, including white or greenish pale foundation base, black eyeliner, and gobs of fake blood. You can get more creative with it when you use a product such as Zombie Skin to get the desired effect. Most of the old school costume shops in your area will have real special effects makeup you can use and even prosthetic skin. Stay away from the cheap makeup kits in the drugstore, since they aren’t good for your skin and won’t last through a long Halloween evening.

Aspire To Be a Superhero

In the female genre of superheroes, there are many ideas to pull from that have cool makeup. One that stands out is Harley Quinn. She was just featured in the DC “Suicide Squad” movie this past Summer. Her makeup is easy to recreate with pale, white clown makeup made sheer, crimson lips, and black smudged eyeliner. Don’t forget to draw on her signature heart near the cheekbone. The overall effect of the makeup isn’t precise, she’s more disheveled, like she just sleeps in her makeup all the time.

Since she’s more of an anti-hero, you might go for the original warrior princess, Wonder Woman. Along with her signature costume, her makeup is just gorgeous with beautiful skin, made up eyes, and red lips. Don’t forget the faux lashes for extra glamour.

Tap Into Your Animal Side

Animals are always a popular makeup choice and this season isn’t any different. There are tons of ways to transform your face with makeup as a favorite animal. It’s all about being creative with your makeup to make you into anything you choose. Try being a  “Tigress” with glamorous striped makeup and killer cat eyes. Anything in the cat family is easy to do.

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