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How to Become a Successful Nail Tech: A Beauty Chat with Adrianna Kowalewska

Adrianna Kowalewska came to American Institute of Beauty with big dreams and a love for all things nail art related. Now, almost 8 years later, we sat down with her to talk about her journey to entrepreneurship and owning her successful nail salon, Nail Art Lounge. Adrianna shares her story from graduation to business owner and offers our future professionals advice as they pursue their dreams!



What was life like as a new Nail Technology graduate?

Adrianna: After I graduated, I worked at a spa that actually came to AIB and introduced themselves. They said that they were opening a new location and needed new nail techs. So, a bunch of people in my class as well as myself applied for those positions. We were the first ones to work at that spa in St. Pete Sundial.

Adrianna: After that, I worked at another spa that did amazing nail art, which was what I was interested in. Then I decided that I wanted to open up my own little thing. So, I looked for a place, I kinda decided to just jump into it. I signed the lease and opened up my nail salon. And 5 years later here we are, we are very successful. We just won the People’s Choice Award for Best of the Best. We are so proud of that! It was the People’s Choice Awards, so if it wasn’t for our clients and the people that support us, we wouldn’t have won this.

How would you describe your nail salon, Nail Art Lounge?

Adrianna: I have a salon that I offer booth rental and commission. We do specialize in nail art because it’s what we love to do! So, we are a little different from most nail salons because people don’t expect to be able to show us a picture of literally anything and we can do it. They are just not used to that, and we are very proud of that. That we are different from other salons!

What do you LOVE about the beauty industry?

Adrianna: The creativity. It gives me the constant change in styles, looks, and trends. It gives my artistic side a challenge to create. Because that is what beauty is about. It’s to create different things and just be artistic!

Why did you choose AIB to LEARN Cosmetology?

Adrianna: I chose AIB because it was the most affordable school at the time that I was looking at and when I came in, the teacher at the time Ms. Melissa, was very knowledgeable and very motivating. So, I definitely saw myself going to that school.

What advice do you have for current future professionals?

Adrianna: The advice that I would give to a future professional would be, never stop educating yourself. Always take classes, workshops, continue your education. There’s so many new products that come out every year, new techniques, all kinds of stuff. All these different nail techs and other professionals have been through it for so many years that they have learned their own tips and tricks, and techniques even, that you will not only learn inside of school, but outside too. So, you kind of want to dip into everyone’s head and get their view of how they work. That way you can pick your own and make it your own that works for your career.

How do you see yourself LIVING your beauty dream in 5 years?

Adrianna: In 5 years, I see myself educating. Having my academy, doing more online classes and more in-person classes. To teach my techniques that I have learned overseas because I have been doing a bunch of classes in Europe and all over the world. So, I would love to teach that to others because like I said, never stop educating yourself.

Adrianna: You know, people always ask me if I want to open another location. I would definitely want to look for a building where I can open up suites. That way all kinds of beauty professionals can work and express themselves. I would like to create an environment for them where they can challenge their creativity and record as well. I want to have little recording studios for them to take videos and pictures and show off their work!

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