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How’s Your Beauty Self-Care Routine this Holiday Season?

Although it’s hard to believe, the holiday season is already here. With so much to do this time of year, it’s often difficult to find time for ourselves and make sure we’re taking care of our needs. And this year, it’s even more important for us to keep up on our self-care routines. Of course, our favorite way to do this is by going the extra mile for our hair and skin!

Wondering if your beauty self-care routine is ready for the holiday season or if you need to step it up? Take our quiz to find out!

Ready to step up your beauty self-care routine? Learn more about these tips and how they can help you this holiday season!

How to Care for Your Hair

There are lots of easy things you can do to make your hair shine this holiday season. Deep conditioning your hair twice a month, lowering the shower temperature to prevent losing essential oils, or using products for your hair type are all great places to start. Another suggestion you don’t want to skip this year is to get regular trims. Not only is this getting rid of your split ends but it can also remove damaged hair and help your healthy locks grow longer.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, refer to this list which outlines everything you need to do to help your hair this holiday season.

  • Condition, condition, condition!
  • Visit your stylist at least every few months.
  • Use products that are right for your hair type.
  • When washing your hair, rinse with cool water.
  • Avoid heat-styling tools as much as possible avoid unnecessary breakage.

How to Care for Your Skin

Like our hair tips, there are many simple things you can do to make sure your skin doesn’t act up this holiday season. Since 2020 has already been stressful, this busy time of year can cause your skin to break out. So, spend extra time pampering your skin by cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. Clean out your makeup supplies to keep things fresh and give you an accurate inventory.

Invest in high-quality products that will give you great ingredients and higher potency. A little goes a long way with higher-quality skincare products. Also, be mindful to watch out for harmful chemicals such as parabens and carcinogenics. Here’s a list of tips you can do to step up your skincare game.

  • Wear sunblock even in the winter.
  • Clean out your makeup supplies. Read our guide for detailed tips.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Moisturize every day!
  • Buy products that fit your specific skin type.

Want to Learn More?

Are you interested in taking your love for beauty to the next level by enrolling for beauty school? At American Institute of Beauty, we have multiple beauty programs that teach students all about hair and skin so they can personalize their education. Reach out to our team to learn how you can get started!

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