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Legends and Style: Great Icons With Style That Passed Away In 2016

During 2016 the group of great celebrities that passed away was enormous. It seemed like each week another iconic person was lost. That being said, even though they are gone, their influence on style and culture will not be forgotten. This can especially be said about some of the hairstyles they wore throughout their careers. Princess Leia, we’re looking at you! Here are some exceptional icons we’ll miss, but look back on their contributions with admiration. As a student of the American Institute of Beauty it’s important to glean creativity and inspiration from those who paved a unique path with all aspects of style.

Carrie Fisher: Those “Buns” Will Be Missed

We’re talking of course about her hair in the film franchise, “Star Wars.” Those giant buns on each side of her head were legendary. You can immediately see the impact her look had on pop culture. Carrie talked about her famous film look in her most recent autobiography, “The Princess Diarist.” Hair stylist, Pat McDermott, was responsible for those incredible buns that Carrie at the time thought were a little odd, but after trying almost 30 different hair styles she was ready to agree to almost anything. Plus, the director George Lucas absolutely loved the look, so it was born, and copied the world over to this day.

See Variety for images of Carrie Fisher’s Iconic Star Wars images.

George Michael: True “Freedom” In Style

As an 80’s pop icon, George Michael burst onto the scene in the duo, “Wham.” His carefree style, gorgeous good looks, and lustrous hair made him hard not stare at if you grew up in that era. Later his activism and charity towards the Elton John’s AIDS Foundation was widely applauded. George understood the importance of giving back. In the 90’s he made a video for the song, “Freedom” with the hottest group of supermodels at the time, including Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell, and Linda Evangelista. This video cemented his status as a style icon, even though the funny thing was, he’s not even in the video. Check it out to see the glorious hairstyles, makeup, and perfection that is all those femme fatales.

[embedvideo type=”youtube” id=”diYAc7gB-0A”]


David Bowie: The Father of Glam Rock

You can’t help but be transfixed every time David Bowie did something special in his career. His style evolution over the years was phenomenal, since he burst into the public eye in the 60’s. As Ziggy Stardust, his alter ego, his look was light years ahead of his time. Spiky hair, dyed bright red, with glam makeup, was the epitome of the rock star vibe. To Bowie, it was just a part of his mystique. No one will ever forget his glittering contribution to music and style.

Prince: The One and Only

All you have to do is say one name to know who he is. Prince. The man was a legendary musician, producer, and songwriter. His style was, to put it mildly, out of this world. The hair he wore, going through many incarnations, was part of his signature style. Long and flowing in the 70’s, teased to perfection in the 80’s, crimped and kinked naturally in the 90’s, and with a gentle side swept bang in the 2000’s, Prince was never afraid to alter his persona. Each time he changed up his look, which was often, the world took notice.

See the New York Magazine article “Understanding the Politics of Prince’s Hair” by Ashley Weatherford for images of Prince’s looks throughout the years.

Muhammad Ali: Looked Like a Champion

Muhammad Ali was arguably the greatest fighter to ever grace the boxing ring. Speaking his mind at every turn was one of his most admired qualities. Style-wise, everything he wore made his 6’3” frame look as impeccable as his character. He may have “floated like a butterfly and stung like a bee” in the ring, but his style was always as a dapper gentleman in life.

Tipping Our Hats To 2016 Legends

We say a bittersweet goodbye to 2016. We lost some of the biggest style icons. Just know you will be remembered, and we thank you for your contributions to art, fashion, style, politics and humanity.

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