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Skin Care- Now The Top Area for Growth in the Beauty Industry

The beauty industry is a constantly evolving career. New trends, technology, and skin care treatments make this an ever changing fact of this type of career. If you are interested in the field of aesthetics, now is the time to make your plans for work in a variety of places. Medi-spas, salons, cosmetic surgery centers, and even dermatology offices, are all catering to the person who wants more beautiful skin that’s radiant and smooth. Luckily this will never go away, considering people are always going to want to take better care of their largest organ, the skin.

Skin Care Career – A Field With Massive Potential Growth

According to US News and World Report who comes out each year with a “100 Best Jobs” list, esthetician is number 83 on their list. They also predict a growth of at least 12 percent from now until 2024. So the future of skin care specialists has never looked better. Plus, this industry has one of the lowest unemployment rates of any job, at 3.4 percent. Just as a comparison the national unemployment rate hovers at 5 percent. The beauty industry even thrives in a downturned economy. People are always going to want to feel better about themselves through beauty treatments. This is a billion dollar industry each year and by 2018, the skin care portion is going to bring in at least 11 billion dollars, which is predicted by economic analysts who figure out industry financial trends.

You can see that being in the skincare industry is a very desirable job to have for security and steady income. With these kind of skills you can basically have a career in any city that you choose to live in. Bigger cities are obviously going to pay more, such as New York City, Los Angeles, or Miami, but you’ll have to balance out a higher cost of living.

A Career With More

If this is the career path you choose you are going to be part of a field of work that makes people feel better about their skin. Not only are you physically going to be changing people’s skin with a variety of facials, peels, microdermabrasion, hair removal and other specialized treatments, it benefits their confidence level as well to have great skin. You can also make recommendations of products they can take home to continue keeping their skin balanced and well taken care of. Being a part of people’s lives in helping them in their skin care goals is certainly going to be a rewarding career that you’ll enjoy.

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