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Stand Out with Multiple Licenses to Make More Money!

The beauty industry is a rewarding and gratifying field to be in.  Beauty does change lives; not only the lives of clients, but the lives of the professionals as well. Check out the many people who Beauty has changed their lives at key to continuing to grow with the industry and increasing your income is removing the boundaries that subconsciously encase your mindset.  Of course, some people are constantly driven to do more and become better; however, some people don’t even realize how they are limiting themselves.  It’s easy to fall into a redundant routine, but let’s be honest, at some point that becomes boring!  What’s scary is becoming complacent.  With this industry constantly evolving, you can’t afford to stay in one place.  Let me give you an example:  Let’s say you graduate from a Nail Technology program.  You become licensed and start working in your field.  You visit a friend who graduated with your class in the Nail Technology program who is also working in the field, and you both are doing well.  Fast-forward a couple of years.  You run into the same friend who is now working in a management position at a big-name spa and is overseeing cosmetologists, nail technicians and skin care professionals.  You ask how your friend managed to climb that high and so quickly.  The answer is: MULTIPLE PROFESSIONAL LICENSES.

One of the biggest advantages of having more than one professional license is to make you more marketable.  It’s important to ask yourself questions like, “What makes me different than the next licensed professional?  What makes me stand out?”  Sometimes you’ll hear a stylist educating their client on skin care as they promote the esthetician.  Often, when clients make an appointment at the spa, they have separate professionals they see for each service; one appointment with their stylist who specializes in hair coloring, another with the nail technician and a third with the skin care professional.  What if you could do it all?  Inevitably your income would increase.  You could have your client’s nails drying while you wax their eyebrows.  Talk about a time saver and money maker.  A TOTAL WIN-WIN.

Obviously, multiple licensing broadens your job opportunities.  Maybe you’re tired of working in a salon, or staying with one company for so long, or just want to explore your options.   Instead of a salon you could work at a spa, offering multiple services.  Possibly you enjoy working in a barbershop atmosphere.  Keep in mind certain program hours can transfer to another.  So, if you become a licensed barber, most likely you wouldn’t have to do the full program to become a cosmetologist.  If you want to own a shop or salon one day it’s so important that no client is turned away.  It’s better that you have the professional licenses and experience to cover whatever service is being requested.  To be more specific, if you work in a salon and someone wants a straight razor shave.  If you have your barber license then you are licensed to use the straight razor.  Speaking of the straight razor, you could try your hand at graphic designs or just stick with a simple clean edge.  The edge around the face is part of what makes a short haircut, like a fade.  Without a clean edge it almost looks like the person still needs a haircut.  Check out these photos of the difference an edge can make.

Beef up your resume.  Look impressive before you’re even seen.  Your resume is not just a list of your previous employers.  It includes your education, certifications and qualifications which tells a story about your work ethic.  Not all trades require a state license; therefore, possessing one will really make you stand out among others.  Your dedication and commitment to your education will be reflected in your resume, and will not be overlooked.  Speaking of education, you may want to become an educator yourself.  I’ve heard so many industry professionals talk about how gratifying it is to become an instructor or educator in their field.  There is an art in teaching.  Also, if you’re going to be educating students then you’ll need to keep up with the trends of this ever-changing industry.  I know many people who still work in a barbershop or salon and also as an instructor at a beauty school.  They get the best of both worlds all while keeping up with what’s trending. 

If you’re considering moving out of state, the hours completed in whatever program will transfer.  To ensure you have sufficient documentation of your education, and meet the necessary requirements, be sure to research the local licensing department of the state which you will be moving to.  The state of Florida has the Department of Business and Professional Regulations, located in Tallahassee.  The beauty industry is so essential to the way people feel about themselves.  If you enjoy this industry and changing people’s lives then don’t pass up your opportunity to make a difference.  My stylist gave me my first haircut.  She styled my hair for my 8th grade dance, for homecoming, prom, my wedding and even gave my little girl her first haircut.  The meaning of the relationship between a person and beauty professional is so special and significant….. they become family. 

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