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Turning Your Hobby Into A Career

Do you spend hours watching makeup tutorials on YouTube and Instagram? Are you a fan of online shopping at stores like Sephora and Ulta? Or maybe you’ve been giving your friends amazing hairstyles and makeup looks for as long as you can remember?

Although hair and makeup may seem like just a hobby for you, you should consider turning your passion into a lucrative career. The first step is getting a beauty education at an accredited school like American Institute of Beauty. We offer programs in cosmetology, barbering, nail technology, and skin care.

If you want to turn your interest in beauty into an exciting career, here are a few steps to take!

Research the Industry

Although you may think you know what beauty careers are open to you, you could be surprised about all the available opportunities! Professional stylists and makeup artists can work in salons, spas, or become freelance professionals. Part-time and full-time opportunities are plentiful in the beauty industry. Make a five-year plan on how you could reach your career goals. Take action every single day to make your dream career a reality. This could be as easy as posting images on Instagram, building a website, and expanding your network through social media platforms.

Get Experience

Just because you can follow a YouTube makeup tutorial flawlessly, doesn’t mean you’re ready to work in the beauty industry. You should attend a beauty school and receive a certification to become a certified makeup artist. Make sure you do your homework and attend a beauty school that offers courses that can help you succeed. Fortunately, you can typically complete courses in a short timeframe and schedule them around your current schedule.

Work Hard

Hobbies are fun, but hard work will pay off if you want to turn your passion into a career. Volunteer your services as you start out. All free makeovers done on friends and family can be used as part of your portfolio. You could also volunteer to perform hair or makeup at a charity event. Get your name out there in any way possible as you start out in the field.

Don’t Stick to just one area. Diversity is key, this way you’re not missing out on an opportunity to make money if your skills and abilities are diverse. Clients want to know they can get their beauty services at a one-stop salon. They don’t want to travel to multiple places for each service. Bundle or package your services with a small discount– people love to get a deal and experience a greater value! 

Don’t Give Up

Don’t avoid turning your hobby into a career due to fear of failure. If you love what you do, you’re bound to find success. Surround yourself with supportive people and consistently network to expand your client base. Seek out a mentor in the field to help guide you into your new career.

If you are looking to transform your beauty hobby into a rewarding opportunity, then contact American Institute of Beauty to find out how they can help you reach your career goals. Call the admissions department – Largo Campus at 727-532-2125 or the Saint Petersburg Campus at 727-826-0969.

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