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The Upside of Starting A New Career 

It’s a new year, meaning it could be high time for a new you. One of the biggest sources of dissatisfaction in our lives often stem from our jobs. When you’re stuck in a work rut, you can feel trapped and despondent. The start of the year is the ideal time to get a fresh start with a rewarding new career.

No Excuses

When you’ve been at a job for a long time, you may feel as though you have to stick it out. But if you’re unhappy and there’s no room for growth, then why are you prolonging the misery? There’s a good chance that you thought the career was a good fit at one point in your life, but people change. Switching careers can open up new opportunities and allow you to find true satisfaction in your line of work.

Focus on the Positive

Instead of focusing on the negatives about a career switch, be proactive. Develop a plan on how you can make your new career happen. What skills do you have that will work well in the field? What type of training is required? Make goals and set deadlines. Don’t assume because the career is in a different industry that you don’t have something to offer. For instance, if you worked in customer service for years and decide to become a stylist, you’ll already have a knack for working well with others.

Test the Waters

Changing careers is scary, but you don’t have to dive in head first right away. Is your new career a job that you do on the side at first? Maybe you can start the career as a second job, by working weekends and evenings. Not only will you have a side income, you can start gaining experience in the new field before working in the industry full-time. By starting on a part-time basis, you’re also giving yourself a chance to figure out if the new career is all that you hoped it would be. But don’t be surprised if you encounter bumps in the road. With any new career there’s a learning curve, and you will get through it.

Start fresh for the new year and leave work stresses in the past. The American Institute of Beauty can help you launch your new career in the beauty industry. Our programs include training and certification in cosmetology, skin care, nail technology, and more. Visit our website today to learn more about the programs at our Florida locations or call the admissions department – Largo Campus at 727-532-2125 or the Saint Petersburg Campus at 727-826-0969.

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