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The Importance of Business Training for Beauty School Students

The Business of Beauty

Business, Social Media, and Marketing Strategies to Establish Your Beauty Career

There are approximately 1 million people with a career in the beauty industry. About one-third of them are self-employed. A career in the beauty industry can be both fulfilling and prosperous; it is a world of never-ending possibilities! If you want to #beyourownboss, the business side of the industry may seem confusing or overwhelming. That’s what makes American Institute of Beauty your #1 beauty school choice in Pinellas County and the Tampa Bay area of Florida. AIB has introduced “The Business of Beauty” classes exclusively offered to our students. These business classes cover everything you need to be successful in the beauty industry!

Benefits of Business Curriculum

In the Business Management class, you will learn five potential career paths that will be open to you upon graduation. These opportunities include:

  • Employment with a company
  • Independent Contractor (booth rental)
  • Partnership
  • Opening your own salon/spa/barbershop
  • Buying an existing salon/spa/barbershop

You will learn the ins and outs to prepare yourself for any one of these career path options. Tax structures, accounting principles, and legal documentation are just a few topics that will be covered for each.

Why You Need Entrepreneurship Skills

handsome tattooed man holding razor and looking at camera

We want you to be prepared no matter where your beauty career may take you. Entrepreneurship is the process of launching a new business and managing that business to eventually make a profit. One-third of beauty professionals are self-employed. This includes those who start their own business, purchase an existing business, or are renting a chair or space in a salon/spa. Even if you may not want to be a business-owner right now, you never know where your path will take you! Entrepreneurship skills are beneficial in any context, even if you choose to be an employee. These skills will harness your creative energy, teach proactivity, flexibility, and the capability to adapt to new situations and projects. Each of these are resume boosting characteristics!   

Why You Need Communication Skills

Proper communication skills are essential to being your own boss. You must know how to listen to your clients’ needs and respond in a way that keeps them satisfied. This also helps with obtaining client referrals! Word-of-mouth marketing is still one of the most effective ways to promote your business. You can’t build a book of business on just your beauty skills. Good communication keeps your business running smoothly.

Why You Need Financial Skills

Regardless of whether you want to open your own business or rent a booth, understanding how to keep your finances in check is critical. In The Business of Beauty classes, you will learn the tax structure for each career path, the need for sound accounting principles, how to set pricing for your business, and planning a realistic budget. This will give you the knowledge necessary on how to generate revenue while keeping expenses down.

Why You Need Marketing and Social Media Skills

Marketing is a key aspect for any business no matter what career path you choose in the beauty industry. In this class you will learn how to:

  • Brand your business
  • Segment customers to define your target market
  • Promote and advertise your business
  • Decide on pricing
  • Evaluate return on investment (ROI)woman recording a makeup application video

It is important to consistently brand yourself and translate that onto a website and social media platforms. Successful entrepreneurs must have a clear understanding of social media and best practices to grow your book of business. In this portion of the class, you will learn:

  • Which social channels to focus on
  • Content strategy
  • Content creation and ideas
  • What paid advertisements are
  • How to measure results on these platforms

The Marketing and Social Media class will teach you the latest trends and technology available and how to best use them to your advantage. You will understand how to create business profiles on social media and be prepared to build your own book of business while still in school.

Who are the Educators?

Business Management

Denise T. Herman, Esq.
American Institute of Beauty General Counsel and Assistant V.P.

Denise has been an attorney for over three decades and brings a wealth of knowledge to AIB. She holds a B.A. in Foreign Languages, Master’s in Education, Master’s in Business, and of course her Juris Doctorate. She has taught at the elementary, high school and university levels – most recently teaching Pre-Law at Keiser University in Tampa. Throughout her career, she has alternated between practicing law and taking on business roles. Her most recent business position was Managing Director at MetLife Financial Services, managing five locations, a staff at each and 375 financial advisors and stockbrokers. Denise has represented American Institute of Beauty for over 10 years and has her own private practice as well.

Marketing and Social Media

Amanda Rao
American Institute of Beauty Social Media and Marketing Coordinator

Amanda holds a B.A. in Marketing from the University of South Florida Tampa where her studies focused on Social Media and Digital Marketing. Since then, she has assisted multiple local companies in various industries with their social media strategy and increasing their books of business. She brings her knowledge to the American Institute of Beauty Team as their Social Media and Marketing Coordinator. Amanda has a fresh perspective on digital marketing and social media best practices which she has incorporated into her class.


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American Institute of Beauty is a place where you can embrace your creative, fun, and entrepreneurial side and get the beauty education you need to get started. We offer programs in Cosmetology, Barbering, Clinical Esthetics, Nail Technology, and Skin Care. Contact us today to get started!

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